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Fri, Apr. 10th, 2009, 11:42 am
ingridresearch: Hey there!

Well, seeing that guild recruitment post, I'd like to extend invitations into mine as well!

Beartron of Eonar-US is recruiting raiders!
Beartron Superteam Force Go!

My name is Unafhaen, and this is my guild. :)

Beartron had a simple beginning. Deitis, Agonumyr and I decided that our BC raiding guild, whom I will not name, lacked the discipline and fairness to really be the guild for us. We left, and joined up with Inappropriate Guild Name, simply to have people to talk to again as we waited for Lich King to hit. As we quested and leveled and delved into the beginning of Lich King dungeons, the three of us decided we wanted to raid. We didn't want to raid hardcore every night, as most of the higher-end guilds did, but we did want to progress.

And so, Beartron was born.

At first it was just a few of us, maybe 4 or 5 initially. We've grown into nearly filling all the Naxx25 spots. And that isn't to say we only have 23 people or so in-guild. Those are just our raiders. We have plenty of people running heroics, achievement runs, etc.
We have a Loot Council system that we will be implementing for the first time this week. We intend to be fair with who gets what. We've had horrible experiences with Loot Council, but we asked our people, and they voted, so we will be giving it a try. Main-Spec rolls were not cutting it.
All of our Senior Officers have been on WoW since Vanilla, and many of our members have as well. Everyone has raiding experience behind their belts, and if we get anyone who doesn't, they are taught.
So far we have the usual VoA/OS 10/25 down, as well as both Naxx10/25. We run Naxx25 as our main raid weekly, Fridays and Sundays, 7:30pm till Midnight. We are also delving into EoE10 and OS10+Drakes weekly as well for those who wish to go. They are scheduled for the best times during the week most people can go to, also usually around 8pm.

Some key points of Beartron:
-We are an 'adult' guild. Not all of us adults, but this pertains to the fact that we can be very vulgar in chat and in vent, so be prepared to tolerate that, if not join in ;)
-We are not recruiting specific classes at this moment. We need people with a good attitude who know their class and want to raid. We look more on personality and class knowledge than gear. Gear can be fixed.
-We're fun. We have a LOT of fun during raids. We are a rowdy, humorous group. But, we get shit done. If we ask to keep vent clear, you keep vent clear. You do not disrespect an officer, or the raid leader. When we're doing trash, we talk, we laugh, etc.
-Please be open to criticism. Our officers and raid leaders have been on WoW a long time. Please be ready to listen to their advice. We're here to help you. Unless you can explain to us EXACTLY your reasoning to something, keep your mind open for the advice we give you.
-Be prepared. Bring reagents, elixirs, etc. with you to the raid. Be sure you are fully prepared before each raid.
-We do NOT tolerate Drama. If you try to start shit with us, you'll either be muted till you calm down, or in the very, very extreme case, you will be kicked out. We give people a lot of chances. If you get pissed off with something, be it LC, another player, an officer, ANYTHING as such, we expect you to log off, cool down, and then -talk- to us about it. Let us know of any discrepancies.
We also expect our people to have a certain conduct in heroics, PuGs, etc.

We have Ventrilo (can be used casually as well, unless it's a 25man night), A well-stocked guild bank, and all that usual jazz. Most of us are in the Eastern Time Zone.

We're looking for dedicated raiders, preferably level 80. Gear is not an issue. PM Unafhaen, Deitis or Malbogia in game, comment here, or sign up on the website if you're interested!

Our website is Beartron.wowstead.com, please feel free to take a look :)

If you've run with us, let me know what you think. I'd love any sort of feedback on how we are doing with other people. Or if you know Unafhaen, Agonumyr or Deitis in-game, let me know too :D


Wed, May. 13th, 2009 10:35 am (UTC)

Wow, look what I found searching for the guild on Google. I didn't even know you posted this on here, Una! =)

Reporting in on progression:
3/14 Roic Ulduar
5/14 10 Ulduar
Naxx 25 farmed.

Mon, Jul. 27th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC)
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