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Mon, Jan. 26th, 2009, 01:39 pm
jfk81: Virtute Et Armis

Hello LJ / WoW / Eonar friends.

It never occurred to me to post a recruiting ad here, but our guild is recruiting, so I hope you don't mind. If you're looking for a cool guild on Eonar, this might be the post for you.

Virtute Et Armis – By Courage and By Arms! (Alliance, Eonar-US)

It has been more than three and a half years since ten of Eonar’s bravest players joined together to form Virtute Et Armis. From the beginning, our guild has been about building a family. We wanted a casual guild where we could play and learn amongst friends while also experiencing the best in content. Being a casual guild doesn’t mean you can’t have the best in player expertise. We have attracted (and continue to attract) some of the best players to our guild.

As a smaller casual guild, the days of 40 character raiding were difficult for us, so we teamed up with several other guilds to run content such as Molten Core. We had a lot of fun, earned some epic loot and learned that we could keep up with many of the other guilds out there in terms of talent. When the Burning Crusade arrived, we set our sights on Karazhan, not only conquering its bosses, but moving it to farm status. We were at a solid 4 of 6 bosses in Zul’Aman and were able to complete it pre-expansion. VEA even teamed up with some friends to take down Gruul.

With the Wrath of the Lich King upon us, we are looking forward to more 10 character content, perhaps even in parallel groups. While we haven’t started scheduling any runs quite yet, the guild will typically look to run raids a few times a month for roughly three hours. Days of the week can be flexible, and if we have more than one group even more flexibility will be available. In the past Karazhan runs were happening twice a week, once on reset and one weekend evening, which worked out very well for guild members progressing with multiple characters.

We are looking for inspired people who are seeking a casual, fun, low-drama environment, and who are interested in the thrill of heroics and 10-character raid content. We accept characters starting at level 10, but are primarily recruiting characters in the 40-80 range at this time.

What we have to offer:

A family-oriented, casual guild that is willing to help and share
A stable guild that has been active on the server since May 1st, 2005
A guild bank with multiple tabs
Website and forum access
Ventrilo server for both casual and group use
Players in both the Eastern and Pacific Time Zones
Two-week trial period for new players

If this sounds like it might be what you're looking for, I encourage you to visit our website at http://virtute.homeip.net to learn more. If what you see interests you, you can find instructions on how to apply by referencing our forums at: http://virtute.homeip.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1652 I hope to talk to you soon!.

 If you read this, why not respond so we know how many people are alive and well here on the community.

Wed, Jan. 28th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)

I've known the guild leader for several years now and not only does he embody courtesy and goodwill amongst his members, but any and all VeA members are always the friendliest of players!

If you're looking for a place to call home, by all means take a closer look!

Nereeza :)
Shadow of the Pheonix