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Wed, May. 28th, 2008, 08:21 am
jdfrommv: Hi

Hey i am a member of Eonar US and thought i would post on this blog to say hi and share ideas. i love to raid not so big or great at pvp. I roll a holy pally which i think is one of the coolest classes. I guess i will start off my first post with a story about wow last night.

SO last night i went into Kara with a pug because its an off night in my raiding guild. I dont need any gear in kara anymore so i decided to try to pug an OP group so we can just float through it and get the badges seeing as i had just spent 75 a day before. Well we went in with one tank and it went very well UNTIL.......

In shade of aran 3 people just stood and took the arcane blast like it was their job of course we wiped twice as we had one shotted everything this far and then there was the guy that says i have to leave which before the group started had firmly said i will stay for a full clear until its over. oh well tonight i think im doing SSC so i guess i will put it behind me.